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Marketplace Commentaries

These commentaries by Jamie Court aired on public radio's Marketplace.

You will need Realplayer to view or listen to these links.

How Class-Action Legislation Will Hurt Small Business - June 1, 2004

Fighting Mad Doctor's Disease - April 28, 2004

Federal Insurance Deregulation? It's No April Fools Joke - March 31, 2004

Rising Gas Prices Look Like California's Electricity Crisis - March 17, 2004

Manhattan Elite Lining Up for Pricey Schwarzenegger Fund-raiser Tonight - February 24, 2004

France Should Save American Privacy - November 24, 2003

Fighting Corporate Branding by Counterbalancing - September 25, 2003

Energy Companies Hold Consumers Hostage - September 3, 2003

Everything Has a Price, Including Your Private Information - July 16, 2003